Great White Sharks (no cages)

This is a compilation of snapshots from myself, and my friends Jeb Corliss & Amos Nachoum. 18 1/2 hours of the Tijuana coast line, and spending 7 days on a live a board boat we got to experience the most satisfying shark diving I have ever witnessed. With a minimum of 5 great whites around us ranging from 15-20 feet, and ultimately amazed at the grace they had even when blood was poured. I was extremely happy with the photo series 'Purest form of White' I shot from that trip. The entire series is based on a love story. All the emotions that you experience when meeting romantic love.. the fear, excitement, not knowing if it will be the best discovery of your life or you could destroy each other being in such open water as it were. But it is the risk that we take, it is the risk we all take.

The last day, in shooting this series however, I had complications with my scuba equipment. Not being able to surface to air because of the great whites feeding, I had to swim my way back quite a distance to the safety cage for the emergency air supply. After being depleted of air for so long I couldn't get into the opening of the cage fast enough. However, on attempt something kept me from moving anywhere. I was being entangled by my BC with the cage, and was just short of a few feet from the air I desperately needed. I knew I had many things working against me, and if not for a buddy to unhook me I would have died hanging that day. In the process of all this going on I tried to help ensure my survival which almost did not happen, I dropped my 30k of camera equipment. It went 300 ft down, and was unretrievable. Guadalupe, Mexico.