Boots & Books Mission In Kigali, Rwanda

Our First Mission through Identify Org. was called Boots & Books. Working alongside Dian Fossey foundation and the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Program, we traveled to Rwanda aiding in the protection of the Mountain Gorilla. 

Our humble roots as a start up foundation supplied the rangers with what they exclaimed "they were in dire need of". Rubber boots and gear for the anti-poaching units and proper shoes/boots for the field vets. English dictionaries for the schools, and any educational materials on the Mountain Gorilla for the kids was also on the wish list. Identify org. met their needs by using a local recycling plant to make gear and boots for the units @ $2 per pair. In going this route (avoiding shipping overseas) it helped with their economy, supported local employment, and most importantly did not put a carbon footprint on the earth. For the field vets (only 25 of them) who were of an older age and needed more support we handed them over something they were very happy about. We like to thank Merryl for sponsoring the beautiful boots given to them.

Dictionaries, art supplies and books were donated to local schools teaching the children about the importance of just the little over 700 Gorillas we have. The children used the art supplies to draw and paint Gorillas which in turn we could auction off back in Los Angeles to raise future funding. Classrooms started up an environmental class which encouraged the children's involvement with protecting the MG.