Amber Arbucci

       Amber Arbucci is a renowned fashion model, wildlife photographer/artist, and adventurist. Originally from the small town of New Smyrna Beach, Florida she now resides in Los Angeles although spends most of her time abroad. Amber's photography is seen galleries both here in the US and Internationally. 

       What do the great fashion photographers of our time, Helmut Newton, Bruce Weber, Albert Watson, Sante D'Orazio, Walter Chin, Marco Glaviano, Steve Lyon and Christian Schuller, have in common with a 40-ton humpback on the coast of Tonga, a 20-foot Great White shark in the waters off Mexico, a charging elephant in Namibia or 5 Million Jellyfish?  They have all been subjects observed by model-turned-photographer Amber Myles Arbucci.  From subject of the gaze to director of her own destiny this hot emerging artist explores a beauty that words cannot explain and ultimately inspires us to live. "I feel that there are photo opportunities all around us that can afford  a good photograph; however, I am not interested in taking a good picture. My goal, when taking a photograph, is to take MY AUDIENCE on A journey with me, and to make reality feel like fantasy".  And what journeys they are.  Deep oceans, thick jungles, wide savannahs, daunting mountains – and the wildlife that populates them – all speak to the soul of this dynamic young adventure photographer as she travels the world. "Ever since I have been a child I have had these wild dreams of being among the most dangerous creatures in complete peace. I still have these dreams, only now I live them. Photography is what keeps me connected to what is true, real and most important within myself." Amber’s unique experiences and desire to help endangered animals is what drives her to continue.  ”I have a fondness and appreciation for these places that cannot be explained.  If you know me, you know my passion and love for what I do.  When I am in love with a moment I am faithful to it alone, and that is when my camera comes out.  What you are seeing is the beauty nature gives to the world, and just my passion of capturing it. My goal from the beginning with each art piece is to pay tribute to place and time, however, I  question how can I continue doing  this when these majestic creatures are dying out so rapidly, and our earth is changing on a daily basis?" Along the way she has been involved with various charities as well as starting her own (Identify) which is a mission management org protecting endangered species, and most currently sitting on the board of the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF).  Filming along-side animal experts/researchers and crew members from Nat Geo & Planet Earth.  Amber was credited with taking the front page photo of Israel’s lead newspaper, exhibiting at Art Basel, and showing at galleries both in the US and internationally where her last show in Vienna was sold out. Amber has worked with top interior designers from "million dollar decorator" on the Bravo tv network. And her art is featured in top design magazines such as Luxe. ”I really don’t view any of this as a choice, this is what I have to do, it is my life. I believe my pieces are different from that of typical wildlife photography for another reason too. I shoot with wide angel lenses not the typical super zoom which means I am literally petting great white sharks, being charged by elephants, and sometimes pushed out of the way by Rwandan Mountain gorillas. The hope is to truly connect with the eyes and emotion the animal is presenting by being in such close proximity of it. There is a thread connecting all my work, although the subjects vary.  This message is something that I like to remind myself of every day. Life is the most precious gift that anyone has been given so then we must not live in it but live it."